We watch for the reputation of your physical products in the internet. We monitor the non-authorized sale of your products, giving their value back.

We fight any harmful activity to the reputation of your products

Our software tools and the handwork of our team scrape the entire internet to detect these activities and eliminate them.

  • Unauthorized sales

    In online sales portals that doesn’t respect the reputation of your product.

  • Forgeries

    Monetization of your property by third parties.

  • Scams

    Tricks that are made under your product name.

  • Phishing

    Creation of websites that impersonate your identity.

Internet: the biggest operating distribution channel

The internet has become the biggest open channel of products distribution and sale, with over 3.300 millions of users in 2015, and a global growth of 832,5% since the year 2000. Also with a worldwide penetration of population of 46,4%.

The online distribution and sale of products grows over 800% every year.

In front of this data, the online trade advantage has no discussion, but we have to take in consideration the risks of the illegal commerce, forgeries and misappropriations of our products can led to economic losses, lack of prestige and problems with brand image.

Online sale of physical products

We apply filtering and monitoring mechanisms, based in inverse engineering of SEO positioning by the use of containment algorithms that with an expert team of community managers will monitor, alert and eliminate the intellectual property and industrial violation rights.

Direct and immediate benefits

  • Secure that the sale of your products is made through the authorized channels.
  • Avoid the usurpation of your Brand to access users.
  • Avoid the monetization made by the sale of fake products by third parties.
  • Deactivate websites that are appropriating of your products.
  • Guarantee the tranquility of the user and the trust of the brand.
  • To take back the legitimate traffic to your website or sales platform.
3antS control mechanisms guarantee the return of your investment and they give you back the control of the sale of your product.

Additionally, you have to add the tranquility of having information, truthful, enlightening and liable information, of where and whom are taking actions of a fraudulent appropriation of your sales and assets.

Brand actions involved with the protection of your contents.

When the undertaken actions are made, they will be send through the different people implicated in the monetization models based in forgery and usurpation of your products, your warn that you defend your commercial interests and that you will keep a constant and efficient watch of your online assets, decreasing, as a consequence, the risk of being a regular victim of fraudulent actions.

Let us take back the value of what’s yours

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