We combat the improper use of your digital contents. We monitor your digital assets and take action where the content distribution is illegal, giving them back their real value.

Contents we work with

3antS technological systems combined with a deep know-how of distribution systems and ways of monetization of non-authorized copies, generates the best possible protection system of your contents.

  • eBook

    We work with every digital format of electronic books.

  • Video

    Video files in every format and with any kind of content: movies, documentaries…

  • Videogames

    No matter its distribution mode, version or game platform.

  • Software

    Both the software as well as the files that violate its license.

Digital files: a Company asset

Digital assets are an important part of the Companies, and they must start to look at them as a fraction of their assets, as a prolongation of their wealth.

Even though the digital contents keep their intangible nature, enacting its binary code all over the internet, they still are responsive of the result of the investment and the time and work given from the company that has arrange resources and personal for its creation.

The digital content is an intangible wealth that need protection, such as any other material good of the company.

The importance of protection of the digital contents

We are used to take security measures both in our homes, as in our offices, or in just a parked bicycle, but when we decide to launch into the market a creation, a digital product, which cost of production and distribution is a big investment, not taking the suitable measures in time may have big negative consequences such as economic and status loses, and the possible lose of investors or distributors of your product/creation.

We monitor your digital assets by filtering the information of the shown information of the product so we can localize and eliminate any illegal use of it.

3antS methodology, base in an ad-hoc software combine with a community manager experts team, provide a real time action tool in all of 3antS monitor parameters.

Transparency in the information

The traceability of its systems is reflected in the clients reports, which are directly deliver to your inbox and in the complete accessibility to the intranet with every data that grants support to the reports.

Example view of the weekly report and screenshot of the intranet


Let us take back the value of what’s yours

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