PC Games are still at the mercy of pirates

PC Games are still at the mercy of pirates

5 September 2016

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In a recent global study on video game piracy, it was revealed that 90% of all gamers have pirated at least one game, and close to 25% has pirated as many as 50 PC games.


The investigation used a sample population of 50,000 PC Gamers. Among which, it was also stated that throughout 2014, 2.4 million games were downloaded including those for PC, smart phone and consoles. Of all these, PC Games were the most downloaded since they are readily accessible in sites like The Pirate Bay.

One of the main findings showed that out of the 90% of the gamers that admitted to having pirated at least one game, 35% were still actively pirating. This conclusion was reached by cross referencing the study data with the amount of gamers that currently enjoyed at least one game without having paid for it. In this sense, Steam, the digital distributor of MPG of Valve Corporation, has actually helped cut down on piracy due to its low costs.

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The study also threw light on the topic of pirates’ ages, revealing that the young are much more likely to pirate than older people, since 40% of all teenage gamers admitted to piracy but only 15% of people over age 51. Nevertheless, if the focus is set on economic data, most pirates are of low-income households, and a tendency can be noticed as the household income increases and the percentage of pirates decrease.

In this global scale study, the countries with the most piracy were found to be Serbia and Rumania, countries whose population piracy percentage grew close to 75%. In Lithuania and Argentina, the numbers went down but not by much since they remained into the 60% and in Russia, 50% of the population admits to pirating. In Europe, those countries with the most piracy are also those with the lowest average income.

This explains why when asked to justify their actions, most of the people who participated in the study talk about economics and high prices. This means that gamers are not willing to pay the prices that games are launched with.

As you review these numbers and think about the dire situation that original content is faced with, we should start thinking what we could do to better this situation without the authors having to suffer at the hand of piracy.

It is time to start thinking about what we can do to ensure content protection.

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