Most pirated movies in all of history

Most pirated movies in all of history

28 November 2016

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In the past years we have been witnesses to the increase in illegal downloads of films. If we take a look back to 2007, the amount of downloads has increased wildly. We will discuss the most pirated movies in all history.

From Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End with 14 million downloads to Avatar, two years later, with 21 million download. James Cameron’s 2009 film was the most pirated film up until 2010.

It is closely followed by Dark Knight with 19 million downloads in 2008. Transformers, in 2007, was downloaded the same amount of times. In 2010, with one million less downloads, Inception was at the top of the list of most pirated movies. And with 17 million downloads in 2009, The Hangover with Bradley Cooper is fifth on our list. The year before that, Star Trek was downloaded 16 million times.

The seventh place in the most pirated movies’ list is held by Kick Ass, a movie that was downloaded 15 million times in 2010. And in 2006, The Departed was victim to 14 million downloads. The same thing happened to Hulk and Pirates of the Caribbean in 2008 and 7 respectively.

However, in the past two years these numbers have exploded to levels we would have though unbelievable back then. In 2014 the most downloaded films were:

  1. Interstellar, with almost 47 million downloads
  2. American Sniper, with around 34 million downloads
  3. Hobbit: the battle of the five armies  with over 31 million downloads

In 2015, however, the three most pirated movies were Fast and the Furious 7 (45 million downloads), Avengers: Age of Ultron (41 million downloads) and Jurassic World (37 million downloads).

Most pirated films in 2016

On the other hand, as far as 2016 goes, the most pirated movies in Spain are:

  1.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  2. Palmeras en la Nieve (a Spanish film)
  3. The Danish Girl
  4. Hateful Eight
  5. Ocho apellidos catalanes (a Spanish film)

Hateful Eight, as a matter of fact, was released on pirate websites before the premiere in theaters. This increased the downloading stats to over 220 thousands more views than expected.

The same happened with Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant, the film that finally gave him the Oscar. After it was leaked, in just a few days it reached over 300 thousand downloads. Creed, Rocky’s sequel, was also leaked a few weeks before it’s premiere and was downloaded over 100 thousand times. All this, resulted in fewer people going to the theaters to see the films.

How are films leaked before their theater release?

Every film starts with an original screening, a legal fiscal copy. Once this copy exists, it is vulnerable to piracy. It happens when a user gets a hold of this copy and uploads it to a site.

This has happened many times, and every time it has only one result: less turn out on the box office.


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