Enjoy free movies legally from the comfort of your home

Enjoy free movies legally from the comfort of your home

28 December 2016

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Users prefer to download or stream movies and series. The fact that these contents are illegal is of little importance to them. However, few know that there are a lot of websites that offer online content legally for free.

3Ants wants to share these websites with its users and clients so they can enjoy all the free movies and series out there or, in worst case scenario, for a very low price. Low cost services like Netflix or Hulu actually have as one of their missions to decrease piracy.

Legal site to find free movies and series:

There are plenty of sites where you can find fun series and movies to watch for free. These sites have this content for two reasons. The movies have either entered the public domain o the owner of the rights has waved them.

  •  SnagFilms. You will have access to sci-fi independent films and documentaries. This streaming site has over 5.000 movies.
  • Archive.org. This site is crawling with all kinds of classic content. You will not be limited to feature films. Take your pick of tons of film shorts, and documentaries or cartoons and animations.
  •  Crackle. This website belongs to Sony Entertainment Pictures that you can access from different devices to watch films and series. Although its catalogue is still a little scarce, ever week new films and episodes are added.
  •  Voddler. This is an app that offers a video store style service. You will have to put up with a little advertising before watching the series, though.

Live TV broadcasting:

There are a lot of TV Networks that chose to broadcast their signal via Internet aswell. Be it through their own site or in outsourced sites. Some of these sites where you can find live broadcasting are:

Legal sites where you can find series and movies for a low-cost:

  • YouTube Películas. Not long ago, YouTube launched its online streaming service. The cost varies and the purchase is down by individual film.
  • Netflix. This is the most popular streaming site at the moment. For the low-cost of 7.99 up to 11.99 monthly, you will be able to enjoy all its series and television. They are also in constant expansion of the content they offer.

These are just a few of the many options that users have to fight piracy on the Internet and consume media legally.

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