<p>We <u>detect</u> and <u><b>eliminate</b></u> illegal uses<br />
of your online intellectual property.</p>
<p>We recover the value of what is yours on the internet.</p>

We detect and eliminate illegal uses
of your online intellectual property.

We recover the value of what is yours on the internet.

We protect your network assets with our team of experts and our own software tools, which are in constant evolution and optimization.

Piracy in numbers


of music downloads are illegal.


of items sell online are fake.


of internet traffic is done through pirate content webs.


of installed computer softwares are illegal.

Our technological and human resources at the service of your intellectual property.

A deep know how of the distribution model of illegal contents and its supporting technology, allow us to design Ad-Hoc tools.

We detect

We detect

3antS software and processes locate the illicit content that take the value away of your digital content.

We analyze

We analyze

3antS looks into the information obtain, qualifying the results and feeding back the system.

We eliminate

We eliminate

We take down the infringing contents in every site implied in illegal distribution.


Processed videos showing illicit content in Youtube.


Processed Facebook posts sharing illicit content.


Tweets processed in Twitter sharing illicit content.

7,5 M

Processed URLs in search engines pointing at illicit content.


Processed Social Media profiles sharing illicit content.


Processed videos in streaming and direct download websites .

  contents taken down

Proved effectiveness beyond search engines.
Intensive protection in Social media and Apps.

By localizing and eliminating every illegal content, we make your legal content more visible in order to increase the revenues of your online marketing.

We protect you internet assets

Find your solution or let us know your case so we can offer you a custom made solution.

Brands and companies

Brands and companies

We avoid the fraudulent use of your brand, taking care of its online reputation.

Addressed to

Companies that want to take care of their brand image and with this, improve their current and potential customer perception.

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Digital contents

Digital contents

We protect your contents eliminating illegal copies and leading back the attention to the legal uptake.

Addressed to

Producers, dealers and digital content creators in need of protecting their work, and also to entities or companies that would like to increase the uptake of their legal content.

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Physical Products

Physical Products

We increase and protect the legal sale of your products, eliminating any forgery in marketplaces.

Addressed to

Brands affected by their products forgery and prestige, or growing companies who wants to keep the truly user of their products.

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Personal intranet
and reports

Traceability of the entire process, real time information of every action made. The analysis of every register data directly in your inbox.

<u>Personal</u> intranet<br />and reports

Today, we have worked with

small, medium and big companies

nationwide and worldwide, which we prefer to keep anonymous to maintain their identity.
References will be provided once your identity is verified.

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