Reverse SEO: a solution for your positioning

Reverse SEO: a solution for your positioning

26 January 2017

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Before we freely speak of Reverse SEO, it’s important to review a little what SEO is.


SEO is a tool and method that allows you to position your website among the first Google results when the user searches the key word you have chosen for your site. This word is carefully selected based on the topics, themes or purpose of your site or blog.

Using content strategies and thorough maintenance of the technical aspects of your web (like page speed, image optimization and monitoring the competition), your links can show up among the first results in Google or other search engines. However, it is very important to take into account that this is a long and carefully planned process. The change will not happen from one day to the next. A lot of things must be constantly taken care of during an extended period of time to ensure a stable and constant ranking, as well as a page authority that puts you ahead. Specially if you are trying to position a frequently searched for subject. For example, it is going to be harder to position a website or a blog about cooking or movies than about some very specific and obscure subject.

Reverse SEO

Reverse SEO (also known as Search Engine Reputation Management) uses SEO tools to make a little bit of damage control. Let’s assume your business is based on technology and making devices. Now, let’s also assume that one of your devices was faulty and you had to recall it. Or maybe even they were faulty but not enough to be recalled. Now, when you google your company’s name, the first results are all articles discussing this little mistake you made. This damages your reputation, and that is definitely not the first image you want people to have of your company.

Reverse SEO handles this by optimizing your link, the one that shows up directly beneath the bad comments, and working on it until it is position in one of the first spots. You can also create new links that respond to the search keyword and that allow you to push the undesired links further down.

Reverse SEO is an important tool used to improve your reputation online and via search engines.

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