Torrent sites keep shutting down

Torrent sites keep shutting down

23 May 2017

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We’ve all heard about torrent sites and their most popular use: piracy. In the past few years, we have also seen how many different P2P file sharing sites have been shut down.

The first great victory for intellectual property was the shutting down of The Pirate Bay, the most popular and iconic torrent download site around. Then, KickAss Torrents took its place. But a short time after, it too was closed down.

Even Torrentz, that was a meta-search engine for torrents that analyzed thousands of torrent sites, had to close down to protect itself against copyright suits.

The latest news that we have received regarding torrent sites came from KickAss Torrents successor, ExtraTorrent, who also had to close its doors.

But piracy is like the Hydra, you cut off one head and two more pop up. A few days after its closure, ExtraTorrent found its way back online and, with the help of users and admins, restored all its pirated content.

In some cases, like Pirate Bay’s, what the users do is download the data base where all the trackers are stored so they can get it back online. Torrent files aren’t stored in a server but in different computers that communicate with each other through trackers that allows one user to download a file from different sources at once. This is why, when a torrent site is shut down, it’s impossible to delete these videos. Even if you remove their servers, what you are deleting is the trackers, also known as seeds.

The battle against piracy is just starting and the secret is in knowing how to keep up with pirates. If we want to fight in such an agile and resourceful battleground, we have to be like that ourselves. That is why 3ANTS’ solutions are the best on the market today.

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