3 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Important

3 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Important

20 April 2017

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You have probably read a lot of articles that share 12 or 10 or even 30 reasons why Digital Marketing is important. Here at 3ANTS, after removing all the fluff, we have condensed them down to three.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness
  2. Costumer-Brand Relationship
  3. DIY

Cost Effectiveness

Let’s face it, most companies aren’t too fond of investing in communications and marketing because of all its intangible benefits. So Digital Marketing is the solution to many of those issues.

Social media advertising Facebook ad performance statistics
Source: The Facebook Ads Benchmark Report


Digital Marketing tends to be a lot cheaper than traditional marketing and advertisement. Sharing a video on your social media and blog is a lot cheaper than having an ad air on TV. Even if you spend the same on the production of the video. Having an image or an article shared through your digital channels is a lot cheaper than buying a full page on a magazine or a newspaper.

This allows small and medium sized companies to have greater visibility to their potential customers. It also allows big business to cut their marketing budget while increasing their ROI. While digital marketing cannot substitute all other forms of marketing and absolutely cannot replace any other form of corporate and institutional communications, it is a way to reach more specific targets.

The Internet allows micro-segmentation. That means you can target the specific people you want to consume your product. In traditional advertising, you could only segment so much. If house wives were your target, you would pick a time slot where more house wives would be watching. But, your ad was still reaching all these people that didn’t really want your product.

On the Internet, though, you can hand pick your audience. If you want to target men from 25 to 30 years of age, who have studied Law and live in Missouri, you can do it. You can narrow down segmentation to a point where you can target a specific person. This means that, although less people might know your brand, those who do will be the ones that are truly interested in your product. This also increases your marketing’s conversion rate. This means that you will get more sales per persons reached than with any other kind of advertising. This micro-segmentation also means you can track your consumers and your sales down to the bone.


Costumer-Brand Relationship


Have you ever seen those “there are two kinds of people” memes? They usually show things like people who eat the pizza crust and people who don’t or people who are dog lovers and people who are cat lovers. But they also show Samsung users and Apple users or Coke drinkers and Pepsi drinkers. So, how did Coke get to the point where people would rather drink water than Pepsi and vice versa? They built a personal relationship with their customers.

You see, Coke understands all that we feel and gives us hope and emotion. Pepsi gets how hip people want to be. Apple appeals to those who want to be different and stylish and creative. While Samsung appeals to those who are a little more practical and focus a little less on appearances.

Opening up to digital marketing allows your consumers to interact with your brand. They will grow to create a relationship where they see that the brand understands them. This creates a sense of appreciation and affection. The more your brand is connected to your audience, the more loyal they’ll be. They will also become ambassadors for your brand. They will consume your products and your media and will recommend your brand to their family and friends. This will make your reputation more solid and, in case of a crisis, you will have a fan base that will come to your defense or support.


Do It Yourself

Ahora, los profesionales del marketing cuentan con muchas herramientas que facilitan y agilizan su trabajo.

First of all, it is very important to understand that the best way to handle your marketing is to have a qualified professional doing it. This is because behind marketing there is a lot of studies and abilities that are learned through vigorous preparation. You see, tweeting and knowing how and what and why and when to tweet are very different things. Just like chefs go through a lot of preparation, and hotel managers study specific careers to develop specific abilities, so marketers spend a lot of time learning how to get you what you want.

However, everyday more and more tools are being developed to make things easier for these professionals. Back in the day, just an advertiser wasn’t all you needed. You needed a whole team to design and make and program and edit and…

Now, you can have a marketing department with as little as four people. Because tools make it faster and easier for these qualified professionals to do their job. Just like back in the day you needed to beat the ingredients in a cake by hand and now you have a beater, marketers now have a lot of software that helps them with their job.

Software is not and cannot be used as a substitute to professionals who have studied. Tools help make the job easier but it doesn’t do the job. Marketers have experience and knowledge that a machine does not know. Besides, communications, advertising and digital marketing are all subjects that vary widely from company to company and product to product. The same strategy you would use for FedEx is not the same you would use for Almond Joy.

Among the things that marketers should know how to handle is intellectual property. In a job where you are constantly trying to establish your competitive advantage and exploit it to bring in new customers, intellectual property holds a very special place. Because intellectual property can bring your brand recognition, it’s importance to marketing is invaluable.

Your brand can even become the go to word for a thing. Who ever says “I need some pressure-sensitive tape” instead of “scotch tape”? This way, your trademark and your brand become part of popular culture. But, even if it doesn’t reach that point, your ideas and content and products are what makes you you. Coke’s trade secret formula is in itself so famous that we have come to read that only two people in the world know it and never travel in the same plane.

But, the most important thing to marketers is how they can use this to generate buzz around the brand. Internet presence is specially important today, easy to access and vital to digital marketing. So, don’t forget to let your marketers know all about your copyrights, trademarks and other legal assets.

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