Major film companies join forces in antipiracy alliance

Major film companies join forces in antipiracy alliance

15 June 2017

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Netflix, Universal and Fox have an ACE under their sleeve. But this is not a regular ACE, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, is an association that 30 major film related companies have created to fight online piracy.

Their site reads that the Internet has “been an enormous opportunity for creativity” but claims that unauthorized and unlicensed uses of works harms content creators and artists. As a matter of fact, as we have discussed in a previous article, new content that results exciting and novel for audiences is in decline. As a matter of fact, the recent cancellation spree of Netflix Originals and the subsequent creation of this antipiracy alliance could make us reconsider Netflix’s motivations.

The International Chamber of Commerce calculates that by 2022, piracy and counterfeiting value could reach over 4.2 trillion US dollars in losses. This would also put over 5.4 million jobs at risk.

ACE supports legal enforcement of copyright world-wide, however the wording on their web leads us to believe that they, like 3ANTS, believe that antipiracy actions should be aimed at large-scale and for profit online distribution of piracy. The end-user, like in the British Bill we discussed the other day, does not seem to be the target of this new antipiracy alliance.

ACE antipiracy alliance also supports making legitimate sources available. This means they believe that, to fight piracy, the industry has to give audiences accessible, legal and user-friendly sources for content. They explain that there are over 480 legitimate streaming services around the world. In 2015, most popular films were available in at least 5 of the major legitimate sources. Although this still means a small percentage (1%) of the total streaming services online, one must understand that the major streaming services have over 70% of the market.

Piracy is not a practice people enter to for generosity and selflessness. Yearly, the ACE claims, that pirate websites make over 209 million dollars in advertising revenue. They also explain how popular a practice piracy is when stating that 432 worldwide unique users searched the Internet for infringing content in January 2013. As internet users have been increased day by day, we can assume that number has also increased or, at best, remained the same.

ACE will rely on the global antipiracy organizations and resources that are in existence today to help them fight against the threat.

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