Father of piracy owns at least 8 Anti-Piracy Patents

Father of piracy owns at least 8 Anti-Piracy Patents

1 June 2017

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Sean Parker, the founder of Napster and popularly knows as the father of piracy, has invested in the last week in around eight anti-piracy patents. He is doing this for his newest business venture, Screening Room. The project consists of allowing audiences to view films from the comfort of their own home while the film is in still in theaters. Among the anti-piracy softwares that he would install, there’s one that would detect the amount of mobile devices near the ‘screening’ of the film.

The user would have access to the film they rented for up to 48 hours. Sean Parker, who in 2010 sustained that fighting piracy was useless unless it was with low prices and accesible content, will charge $50 per film. But the price is only one of the things users discuss. For example, to access the service, users would have to purchase a set-top box. Parker suggests that, to set the price, they are considering what it costs to buy 4 tickets and snacks. While some users question the service, others suggest it might be intended for families that live far from movie theaters.

Many users, however, also question the safety of it. They claim that just by setting up HD handheld cameras, they could get a copy of the film while it’s still in theaters and distribute it online. Maybe even charge entrance and screen it at home. They also explain that, by having the film for 48 hours, theaters would miss out on repeat viewers.

The media industry is also devided on the concept. For example, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrahams and Peter Jackson are all in favor of the concept. They are also stakeholders. However, The Batman Trilogy director Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and Warner Bros. CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, are all against the new venture, claiming that exclusive theater screenings should be protected. The theater industry is against the concept aswell, since the service would actually decrease the amount of people that go to the movies.

As anti-piracy experts, 3ANTS sustains that modern technology and current DRMs cannot gaurantee 100% that a film will not be pirated. Javier Capilla, CEO of 3ANTS, explains that giving users access to an HD copy at home is risky. “In those 48 hours, people who intend to pirate, will most likely find a way to do so. $50 is a small investment to the amount of money they’d make by uploading a film that is still in theaters,” he claims.

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