Your content is in danger of stream ripping!

Your content is in danger of stream ripping!

5 May 2017

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Out of all the threats that lurk the Internet and that put audivisual content creators in danger, Stream Ripping is one of the most dangerous but least talked about piracy methods. That is why we have decided to explain a little of it to you.

Remember that project you worked on for work? Your worked for months, stayed over night. You were counting on the money you worked for to remodel your house, or get your partner a trip as a present, or you just wanted to save it up.

Well, artists spend months and years working on their songs, making their films, writing their books or making a socially aware photo reportage or drawing beautiful things. And then, people download it.

In the case of audiovisual artists, their work is in danger more often than some other forms of entertainment. Mostly, because audiovisuals are easier to consume massively. While you might read one book in a couple of weeks, you will consume hundreds of songs during that time. You can watch tens of series episodes and movies in a month.

One of the downloading methods that we pay less attention to but is one of the most popular, is stream ripping. This method is used mostly for songs but is also very popular for video.

Stream ripping consists in downloading a video or audio that is embedded to a site. There are sites and software or apps created specifically for this purpose. These sites receive over 9 billion visits a year. There is no way to know how many downloads are made via the software or apps.

However, not all the users know that these practices are illegal. According to the Music Insight Report published in 2016, 73% of the users were not aware that stream ripping from apps was illegal. They thought that, since it was available on legitimate app stores, this meant the apps themselves were legal.

This means that there is not enough education regarding piracy and that many users are scammed into paying or accessing sites and software that they thought were legal.

For those seeking to protect their content,  it is important to know that streaming sites have installed protection so you cannot stream rip the content and upload it yourself. Social media, however, does not have this. This means that if your movie or song has been uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or any other social media site, anyone could download it and distribute it.

This is one of the reasons why protecting your content in social media is of vital importance to the integrity of your creation.

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