Is your film safe from downloading or streaming?

Is your film safe from downloading or streaming?

4 April 2017

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One of the most popular streaming sites in the World has over 8.7 million visits a month. Can you certainly say that it is not your movie they are viewing?

The traffic tracking sites show us that out of these 8.7 million that are downloading and streaming movies, 5.2 Million users are traffic from France. Furthermore, different studies report that very few people are actually watching and streaming movies on their own. Their findings show that over half of movie viewers who torrent, download or stream movies on different sites, watch them with their significant other or a group of friends. With these numbers, we can estimate that, although only 5.2 of those users were the actual ones to log on to the site, around 9.3 million people viewed the streaming movie that was obtained illegally.

We can safely assume that as little as 20% of all those who saw the movie would have been willing to pay for it had it not been available online. This means that around 2 Million people would have been willing to go to a theater and pay for your film rather than stream or download it. Now, if we take the theater business for their word and assume that even fewer people go alone to the movies than watch them alone at home, we can add around 0.5 million other people who would have accompanied the original.

With 2.5 million potential viewers, at 11 euros the movie ticket, each movie distributor and producer, in France alone, is losing over 27.5 million euros per movie.

Now, that is only taking into consideration the first original 8.7 million visits a month from one single streaming site worldwide. Furthermore, an ALPA Report states that streaming accounts for only 28% of all the illegal consumption on the Internet. Internet Piracy is continuously increasing and more people find the movies they want to watch on the web. This means that fewer and fewer people will go to the theaters to watch them and won’t feel the need to buy the BluRays.

Are you certain your film is safe?

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