3ANTS wagers for technological innovation in content protection

3ANTS wagers for technological innovation in content protection

28 October 2016

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Everyday more and more film distributors and production studios seek content protection agencies. In a world where 87% of all that we consume online is illegal, this is an increasingly more important issue. For these reasons, technological innovation in this area is necessary.

There aren’t many solutions on the market for this problem. The companies that do do this, do so in a rather superficial way.  These companies find links in search engines and then request their takedown. This, however, only limits piracy to those who stumble upon it through search engines.

The files that back up these links and to which these links redirect to are usually accessed directly or are shared via social media. This is why 3ANTS’ proposal is the best one on the market.

3ANTS and technological innovation

While everyone is focusing efforts in “de-indexing”, 3ANTS goes for the jugular. The company attacks the source file with new methods that involve technological innovation new to the market. With a tool that tracks down the links and analyzes them, 3ANTS locates the ISPs where the original file is stored. It requests its deletion and the serves is required by law to delete it within 24 hours. This process starts in social media.

People spend a lot of their time in the different social media. This is why 3ANTS prioritizes illegal content shared through these channels. Like we have discussed in other articles, a Studio will invest around 6% of its budget in social media. This includes paid advertising as well as community managing teams.

Of all the content that you can find in social media of a movie, roughly over half is piracy. This is noise that takes the focus from the official marketing campaign. This lowers cost effectiveness. Once you delete all this extra content, the cost effectiveness increases 1.5 times, states Javier Capilla, CEO of 3ANTS.

3Ants reports efficiency numbers that makes it the agency with the lowest error rate in the market. It has also been able to create associations with different providers that allow the company to use their tools to detect and delete illegal content.

All the companies that have tested 3ANTS services have fallen in love with its service. They have switched providers and become 3Ants regular clients. They wager for its technological advancement and betterment. Among its clients Sony and A Contracorriente Films.

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3ANTS is a content protection company that specializes in fighting the threat of piracy with innovative technology and a qualified team of experts on piracy. Specialized software and custom-made processes offer the best protection on the market. If you want to know more about our services, please contact us.

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