Our goal is to offer our clients the best content protection possible to ensure that culture increases its profitability. Our battlefield is the Internet and our weapons are: our profound understanding of the processes, our efforts to keep people informed on the subject, and innovative technology that is under constant improvement.

Innovative technology to protect your intellectual property on the Internet

The methods and software that 3Ants uses are in constant improvement and adaptation process to the ever changing Internet. Our processes are centered around finding feasible solutions that focus on the location, monitoring and protection of digital assets.

Through our knowledge and constant study of the monetizing models and distribution channels, we can offer our clients an improvement in their reputation, an increase in their profitability and a top quality content protection.

The strategy to protect your property

Before developing 3Ants’ protection processes, we realized a in depth research and an extensive analysis of data. This allowed us to study and understand the monetizing methods used. We studied distribution channels like social media, systems, sites, cyber-lockers, video hosting, ISPs and other source that give support to the distribution.

3Ants processes and innovative technology is custom made to fit our goal and our clients needs. Our ad-hoc measures are always under constant development and evolution.

3Ants offers Ad Hoc and specialized measures that are custom developed to fight piracy. Our software and processes are in constant evolution. This is because 3Ants’ team of experts and innovative technology is always finding and studying the new trends and means by which the illegal contents are distributed. We innovate by observing where the contents are being accessed and published.

Content protection is a complex process that demands us to protect different fronts:


  • Search engines indexation
  • Social media
  • Video hosting services
  • Direct download
  • Apps
  • P2P networks

Our innovative technology processes and specialized software, hand in hand with a team of experts, are more than capable of optimizing the process and protecting your contents in real time.

Innovative technology and a team of specialized professionals protect your contents around the clock.

Our goal

We want to help you protect your identity and strengthen your image through brand and content protection. We will use all our tools to locate and delete piracy and the unauthorized uses of your bran. This will increase your profits and protect your reputation.

We recover your property's value on the Internet.

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