Internet Piracy is not the same as sharing culture

Internet Piracy is not the same as sharing culture

16 May 2016

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As we, in 3Ants, continue our efforts for content protection, we have been able to discover a pretty clear picture of the social landscape that surrounds Internet piracy, specifically in audiovisual. We have had the privilege to meet with many bright minds that work in the film Industry (directors, actors, producers) and the times that they have received congratulations on their films being extraordinary before the premiere date are not few.

The one big constant we have found in our journey si this: most people do not realize the real damage that piracy does to the Industry. Very few people, if at all, are aware that, when they hit play on a streaming site or when they torrent a film, there are a lot of people who are directly and indirectly hurt.

These people who work in the Industry tell you how baffled they feel when these friends nonchalantly talk about their actions without realizing how much the listeners are affected by it. Most of all, it seems like those who download content don’t keep in mind that the person who uploaded actually committed a crime.

According to the data reported by CoreData, an Australian market research company, 43.5% of users download films due to economic reasons, while 42.4% download it to have access to the film at any time. Of those who download series, 50.7% do it because waiting for it to be on cable takes too long and 41.5% to see it anytime. There seem to be no other reasons.

Internet Piracy, especially regarding audiovisual, is far from the romanticized idea of sharing culture and making it available for everyone. There is, for example, no real argument that would convince society that it is of utmost importance for people to watch “Fast and the Furious 7”. Therefore, its piracy is far from a mission to expand culture. It’s a mission to earn money at the expense of hard-working people.

If you want to watch movies online, you should know that Internet piracy is not really free. It comes at a price. The main difference is that when you press play, the money made from the advertising on the sites does not go to the hands of those who worked hard to write, film, act and produce the film. The truth is that you, who advocates so much for freedom, are giving your money away to someone who is taking credit for someone else’s work.

Internet Piracy is a business, it is nothing more than a few people become richer at the expense of others.

This is why content protection is so important for the people who are involved directly int he movie making process.

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